Towards Zero Harm Hospital

The Need for Change

Our key driver is to help healthcare professionals and clinics reach their highest performance.

Customer experience is hindered unnecessarily in hospitals. Not just because of medical errors but also other incidents that could be avoided. As the volume of operations increases, so does the number of errors. 

Humane momentum for change has always been here. The economic momentum is now: Patients’ freedom to choose their clinic is increasing. They want to see data on safety, quality and efficiency.  

The best healthcare units want to be both safe and transparent. There is good effort going on with concepts like Value­‐based Care, Standard Operating Procedures and Clinical Pathway Thinking. What has been missing this far is the tool. This has led to a lack of transparency, statistics and benchmarks.


“Medical errors
are the no. 3 cause of U.S. deaths”

– Johns Hopkins Medicine









The Tool is Megical

Take a giant leap in your operative safety and quality with Megical™ platform.


Intelligent Electronic Checklists

Checklists are customized and they collect information on safety and efficiency of the operation. Guide is used with an iPad.




Mobile and structured Incident Reporting

With Megical, it takes less than 20 seconds to make an incident or quality report. This is enabled by the location and operation tailored user interface. Reporting is done with an iPad and information is delivered to the cloud immediately.





Concrete real-time Dashboard

Leaders see the concrete key metrics of their department on one screen. If you want, you can drill down immediately and see where the possible problem lies. You can use M-Lead also with a common desktop computer.





Megical Culture

Healthcare has been looking up to aviation industry when it comes to safety and quality management. Now it’s time for healthcare to lead the development.

You are changing safety culture with Megical. Change is about making good work visible, sharing best practices and giving leaders a concrete view on the workflow. 




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