Designed to improve the best.

Megical is the leading platform for hospitals to lead and improve clinical pathway safety.

A turnkey solution for continuous improvement

Even the greatest clinical quality does not automatically transform into good processes. Poorly designed systems and IT consume too much time on error management.

Megical solves this by combining intelligent checklists, integrated reporting and real-time analytics to an easy-to-use platform. It is personalized and designed with your staff to support continuous improvement and strategic leadership.

Leading hospitals choose Megical for clinical pathway safety

Put your people and patients first with a platform that they’ll use – and love.

  • Assure clinical pathway safety
  • Cut costs by preventing errors
  • Improve clinician experience resulting in better customer experience
  • Save more time for clinical work
  • Introduce a new culture of continuous improvement

The Megical platform

  • Intelligent checklists

    Prevent errors and collect data automatically

  • Integrated reporting

    Create incident data along clinical pathway

  • Leader dashboard

    Get automatic key metrics in real-time

  • Easy to buy

    All in one turnkey solution – ready in 3 weeks & zero IT hassle!

Improved safety by intelligent checklists

Checklists are customized and they collect information on safety and efficiency of the operation. Checklists run on iPads.

More and better data from integrated reporting

With Megical, it takes less than 20 seconds to make an incident or quality report. This is enabled by the location and operation tailored user interface. Reporting is done with an iPad and information is delivered to the cloud immediately.

Evidence-based continuous improvement with leader dashboard

Leaders see the concrete key metrics of their department on one screen. If you want, you can drill down immediately and see where the possible problem lies. You can use the dashboard also with a common desktop computer.

One platform – Megical

  • Easy and fast the most intuitive user experience
  • ALL HSEQ reporting in one platform
  • Satisfied professionals means happy customers
  • SaaS — runs on iOS platform
  • Zero IT hassle. We take care of all the IT.
  • Quick installation From decision to start in 3 weeks
  • Real-time analytics for constant situational awareness
  • Better care — more time for patients
  • Safety by design Integrating safety with your clinical pathway

From decision to delivery in 3 weeks

  • 1. Checklist design with you

    We interview your professionals and learn their ways of working.

  • 2. Tailor-made data model for you

    We create a content that serves best your practices.

  • 3. Megical delivery to you

    We introduce and instruct the Megical platform to your professionals.

  • 4. Continuous improvement by you

    Experience the next level performance in your organization – continuously.

Ready to start continuous improvement?

Let Megical help you improve & manage your clinical pathway safety.

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Improving the clinical pathway safety

  • 13 052

    Surgeries with Megical
  • 76 890

    Checklists completed
  • 498 363

    Safety checks done

Source: Megical database